Grow your business
Multiply its brainpower
Outperform the competition

Varias provides autonomous and dedicated empowered teams that are instantly ready to help later-stage startups scale faster.  

Instantly ready to help • Product teams

We take ownership over building your next product (features)

That's where our product teams come in. They will take ownership over anything you need them to, from specific features to even entire products on your roadmap. Our product teams will assist your business while you continue to scale at full speed.

Our secret weaponExpert teams

Let us help you through your technical scale challenges

Rather than hiring people just for that job, Varias provides teams that can help you through this stage. Whether it is setting up your data lake or implementing a new release strategy, our expert teams got you covered.

Design and discoveryValidation teams

Find out quick if your ideas are viable and feasible

Our teams of researchers, UX-ers, and business developers will make sure that you go to market with the right proposition. By testing, iterating and prototyping, they prevent your future development efforts from going to waste.

Team work makes the dream work: Scalable brain

When teams work together, they develop a collective brain. As a team’s collective brain grows in strength, it multiplies, and companies become more likely to succeed. Our work centers on autonomous and scalable brainpower.

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Qualities of a well-functioning
Scalable brain


• Knowledge is distributed
• Expertises are complementary
• The knowledge base is whole
• Expertise awareness


Receptive toward constructive criticism
Confident teams
Proactive in giving critical feedback
Reliable teams that trust each other


• Tasks are fulfilled in a timely manner
Harmonious phases of projects
Efficient delivery of results
Comprehensive approach towards projects

Varias builds solutions that will improve your business

Find out how our clients are gaining from our scalable brain.
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Stimulate and facilitate conversations
Stichting Intermin
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From charge cards to mangement software
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Developing new experimental products
Mijn Domein

Our dedicated teams develop your ideas so you can finally focus on growing your business.

Our teams take ownership of a product or feature. Adding people to existing teams doesn’t solve problems of onboarding, coordination, and culture. That’s why Varias puts already functioning product teams in place - with all roles. And in the end, hiring new people will no longer be a gamble that takes months to find out if it pays off.
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